It's been a few whiles but im back at blogging. I'll be taking a social media break from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and staging all those posts here until September. And maybe longer if this works out :)


I've been obsessed with street photographers for the last few months and as a result I'm starting to notice things in the corner of my eye that I've never noticed before. (Dr Who fans might read into this a bit more ;) So I'm starting a new project called Unnoticed- black and whites of the things I see that I would normally avoid taking pictures of, either out if fear, lack of the correct gear or simply because the picture may not make sense. 


Here is Unnoticed, Frame One: The Knights of the Square Table. Three older gentlemen, sitting in an Arby's restaurant right at the end of lunch hour, playing an intense game of chess. Woven chess mat, tournament class chess clock and Gasparov level concentration. Forget all those other #squadgoals, I hope I end up retired with a squad like this. This is how you spend a Sunday afternoon.